100k Week Business Series Private Coaching Session

The items on our 100K Week Sale are GREAT for self-guided study. If you feel you need more one-on-one time for us to work on your business goals, initiatives and strategies-take a look at the options below and pick the one that fits your current needs and budget the most!

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3-Hour Online Power Session

This is an intense 3-Hour Online Session where you and I will ZERO in on ONE MAJOR Topic, Obstacle or project. Once booked-you will complete a short questionnaire so that I can get super familiar with your project, organize our time together, do some pre-work and research and my assistant will schedule you on my calendar.

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4 Sessions 2-Month Custom Coaching

This custom coaching package spans 2 months with us getting online for 2 hour sessions every 2 weeks. This package is custom to your current business needs, and covers 4 foundations areas including clients specification, book writing, speaking, proposal writing, product development and event creation, product pricing, sales, business development and your business strategy. 

*You must apply for this package

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45 min Discovery Call

Do you need some direction of just where to go? Do need to pick my brain? Do you want to go through your goals and I help you determine which coaching option is best for you? Book a 45 minute discovery session.